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Justice done the right way!

Ernest Acevado III is the best! I’ve referred many friends to him throughout the years. He is super intelligent, professional, & determined to see justice done the right way! I highly recommend his services!

- Sharon

Like a Badger on that Judge!

I had a case of mistaken identity on my driver's license. A guy in another state had multiple criminal violations and was tied to me somehow. Attorney Mrs. Bates was absolutely INCREDIBLE. Kept me informed and was like a Badger on that Judge! It was all done on Zoom. And I have to say she is pretty cute too! 😉 Almost forgot Stacey in the Office was/is Awesome as well!

- Bruce

I highly recommend Mr. Acevedo iii

Mr. Acevedo very much lives up to his expectations. I couldn’t have chosen a better attorney for my situation. I highly recommend Mr. Acevedo iii in any DWI/DUI case you may have. If you’ve personally made the mistake of getting a DWI I know the feeling of your life, career, and reputation coming to an end. I can first hand say that Mr. Acevedo has saved my life and I am forever grateful to have worked with him.

- Native

The best DWI attorneys I've ever worked with

The best DWI attorneys I've ever worked with, they had my case expunged within a few months!

- Mike

Great Experience!

One of the best attorneys I have come across!! Loyal and Honest , lawyers like this are hard to find!!!

- Lucy

One of the best decisions I’ve made in my life

I did my research and after meeting with a few really great attorneys, I decided to hire Mr. Acevedo. I believe that was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. My case got dismissed. Mr. Acevedo is definitely worth every penny and then some.

Anonymous, AVVO

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