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Were you recently accused of committing a violent crime in San Antonio, TX? Navigating the legal complexities of such serious allegations requires skilled and experienced representation. Ernest Acevedo Law Group is here to offer just that. With a history of handling complex criminal cases, we invite you to call us at 201-226-5656 for a free consultation with a knowledgeable San Antonio violent crimes lawyer.

In Texas, violent crimes are prosecuted with a high degree of severity, and the consequences of a conviction can be life-altering. You need a lawyer who will aggressively defend your rights and strive to prevent prison time, steep fines, and a lasting criminal record. Our attorney Ernest Acevedo III is known for his tenacity and willingness to fiercely advocate for his clients in the face of challenging odds.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our law firm in San Antonio, TX. The sooner you act, the sooner we can start working on your defense strategy. Contact Ernest Acevedo Law Group today to ensure you have a strong advocate fighting in your corner.

How Can Ernest Acevedo Law Help If You Were Arrested For a Violent Crime in San Antonio?

How Can Acevedo Law Help If You Were Arrested For a Violent Crime in San Antonio?

Ernest Acevedo Law Group, a reputable law firm led by a Criminal Law Specialist, family founded in 1976 our law firm is dedicated to providing the best possible representation for those accused of violent crimes in San Antonio. As the best criminal defense attorney, navigating the complex legal process can be overwhelming, but with Ernest Acevedo Law Group, you can rest assured that your constitutional rights will be protected every step of the way.

The team at Ernest Acevedo Law Group goes above and beyond to:

  • Analyze all prosecutorial evidence
  • Identify weaknesses
  • Search for exculpatory evidence
  • Work with experts in interpreting scientific evidence
  • Fight to have illegally obtained evidence thrown out
  • Work tirelessly behind the scenes to have your charges reduced or even dropped, if possible.

With a reputation for excellence and a proven track record of success in criminal defense cases, Ernest Acevedo Law Group is the go-to firm for individuals and their families when accused of violent crimes in the San Antonio area.

Overview of the Laws on Violent Crimes in Texas

Overview of the Laws on Violent Crimes in Texas

In Texas, violent crimes are offenses that involve the use of force, ranging from:

  • murder
  • rape
  • assault
  • domestic violence

These crimes often carry severe penalties and life-altering consequences for the accused.

The subsections below provide a comprehensive examination of the most common violent crimes in Texas and their legal implications.

Murder or Homicide

Murder, also known as homicide, is one of the most severe criminal offenses in Texas. It is defined as the intentional or knowing taking of another person’s life. The distinction between murder and homicide lies in the intent; while both involve the taking of a life, murder requires intent, whereas homicide may be unintentional or accidental.

Murder charges in Texas carry severe legal repercussions, potentially leading to lengthy prison terms or even the death penalty in extreme circumstances. Therefore, having a seasoned San Antonio criminal defense lawyer by your side is crucial to help you through the complex legal labyrinth and ensure the protection of your rights.


Rape is another violent crime that carries severe consequences in Texas. Legally defined as the non-consensual penetration of another person’s sexual organ or anus, rape is a crime that can cause lasting physical and emotional harm to the victim.

Penalties for rape in Texas could entail long-term imprisonment, hefty fines, and compulsory registration as a sex offender. A competent San Antonio criminal defense attorney can assist those accused of rape in exploring possible defenses, such as consent or mistaken identity, which could safeguard their rights and possibly lessen the gravity of the charges.

Voluntary Manslaughter

Voluntary manslaughter is a lesser charge compared to murder, but still carries significant legal consequences. It involves the intentional killing of another person without premeditation or malice aforethought, often in the heat of passion or as a result of provocation.

The penalties for voluntary manslaughter in Texas can include imprisonment, fines, and other sanctions. A knowledgeable San Antonio criminal defense lawyer can help those accused of voluntary manslaughter explore possible defenses, such as self-defense or lack of intent, to reduce the severity of the charges or potentially have them dismissed altogether.

Assault and Battery

Assault and battery charges in Texas can range from minor altercations to more serious incidents involving injury or the use of a weapon. Assault is legally defined as threatening another person with bodily harm, while battery is the actual physical contact that results in bodily injury or offensive contact.

The penalties for assault and battery in Texas can vary depending on the severity of the offense and the circumstances. Generally, these crimes are classified as Class A misdemeanors, which can result in up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $4,000.

An experienced San Antonio criminal defense lawyer can help those accused of assault and battery navigate the legal process and explore potential defenses, such as self-defense or lack of intent.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a prevalent issue in Texas and refers to aggressive behavior that occurs among those who live together or are in close relationships. This can include spousal abuse, child abuse, or even violence between siblings or roommates.

Those accused of domestic violence in Texas face serious consequences, including imprisonment, fines, and mandatory participation in anger management or counseling programs. It is crucial to consult with a San Antonio criminal defense attorney if you are facing domestic violence charges to ensure your rights are protected and to explore possible defenses, such as self-defense or consent.

What are the Penalties for Violent Crimes in San Antonio, Texas?

What are the Penalties for Violent Crimes in San Antonio, Texas?

The penalties for violent crimes in San Antonio, Texas, depend on the gravity of the offense and the related circumstances. Typically, violent crimes are subject to imprisonment, fines, and other sanctions, such as mandatory counseling or rehabilitation programs. In some cases, particularly for more severe offenses like murder, the death penalty may be a possibility in San Antonio TX.

Consulting a Bexar County law firm is fundamental to understanding the specific penalties tied to each criminal offense. Leveraging their vast experience and legal system expertise, a proficient attorney can guide you through your case’s intricacies and safeguard your rights throughout the proceedings.

What Defenses Can Be Raised if I’m Accused of a Violent Crime?

If you are accused of a violent crime, there are several defenses that can be raised to protect your rights and potentially reduce the severity of the charges within your criminal case. One of the most effective defenses in violent criminal cases is self-defense, which permits an individual to use reasonable force to protect themselves from harm. Another common defense is the defense of others, which allows a person to use reasonable force to protect another individual from harm.

Innocence defenses, such as alibi or mistaken identity, can be employed to demonstrate that the accused is not responsible for the offense they are charged with. Legal defenses can also be used to:

  • Challenge the evidence presented by the prosecution
  • Question the admissibility of evidence
  • Assess the credibility of witnesses
  • Examine the accuracy of forensic evidence

In cases where legal and constitutional rights violations have occurred, such as illegal searches and seizures by police officers, these violations can be used as a defense to challenge the constitutionality of the prosecution’s case. A consultation at our Bexar County law office is essential to devise the most effective legal strategy tailored to your specific case.

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If you or a loved one has been charged with a violent crime in San Antonio TX, it is vital to secure the representation of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Ernest Acevedo Law Group offers free consultations to discuss the details of your case and provide insight into your legal options.

To schedule your initial, confidential case evaluation, contact the law offices of Ernest Acevedo Law Group at our San Antonio office by calling (210) 226-5656 or visiting our website. Our law office has extensive experience and dedication to protecting our clients’ rights, you can trust Acevedo Law Group to provide the competent and compassionate legal representation you need during this challenging time.

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