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Losing one’s ability to drive legally can have a severe impact on a person and their livelihood.  While there are many reasons a person can have a driver’s license status of “ineligible”, the most common is a suspension. If you do have a current suspension, often the only remedy is to obtain an occupational driver’s license for the duration of the suspension.  A person can obtain an occupational driver’s license that will allow them to drive legally for work, school and essential household purposes for up to two years, although the occupational license can be extended if necessary. The first step in obtaining an occupational driver’s license is to determine if and why your driver’s license is suspended.  After determining the cause of the suspension, and any other issues with your driver’s license, a qualified attorney can advise you on the steps that need to be taken in order to obtain an occupational driver’s license that will allow you to drive legally in the State of Texas. Additionally, our attorneys can advise you on any other issues that may affect you license eligibility and assist you in remedying these matters.

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