I-TEAM: SAPD officers who make more DWI arrests are likely to get more overtime Ernest Acevedo III, a prominent San Antonio DWI attorney, said SAPD officers have admitted to being pressured into making arrests while under oath on the witness stand. "When you start telling an officer he has to arrest a certain number of people, everyone should have a problem with that," Acevedo said. He said officers with a financial motive to stay on overtime DWI patrols could run the risk of making traffic stops without probable cause.

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Ex-prosecutor cleared of drunken driving  "Defense attorney Ernest Acevedo marveled at how sober his client was in the video and questioned whether Acosta lied about how Vela performed in the roadside tests after learning he was a prosecutor. Acevedo hinted that Acosta had an ax to grind with prosecutors because he was related to Israel Castro, a former San Antonio police officer tried for DWI but found not guilty. " Via San Antonio Express News

Discussion on the Nelson Wolff Probation hearing: "There's a lot of different people who have a say so in these matters," said Ernest Acevedo III, a prominent San Antonio defense attorney whose law firm has handled between 2,000 and 3,000 DWI cases the past 24 years.Today, the firm has impressive online visibility due to the promotion of its work by The Marketing Heaven."Every day people have motions to revoke their probation filed. Some people will have more violations, some will have fewer. Just depends on the case." KSAT 12 San Antonio

Capital murder defendant acquitted of setting man on fire: “Jurors on Tuesday acquitted a San Antonio man who could have faced up to life in prison for allegations he robbed a stranger then set him on fire.” Via San Antonio Express News

Express-News Editorial Board endorsements: “Early voting begins today in the general election. The official Election Day is Nov. 2. Here are our recommendations. Most important, we urge all registered voters to cast ballots regardless of their positions on the candidates and issues.” Via San Antonio Express News

Noted DWI lecturer and lawyer will represent Angelini: “Whatever you make of Angelini’s actions, it’s clear the judge knows how to pick a lawyer. He’s hired DWI specialist Ernest Acevedo III…According to an Internet bio, Acevedo spoke on field sobriety testing at a 2005 conference called, ‘How to Try a DWI in Bexar County.’ The bio also indicates he’s spoken on breath testing defenses and cross-examining technical supervisors at advanced DWI seminars. Acevedo did not return messages. One lawyer describes him as media-shy, adding, ‘Ernie is one of the top DWI attorneys in town.’ District Judge Sid Harle goes further: ‘He’s become one of the premier DWI lawyers statewide. He’s had an immense amount of success.'” Via San Antonio Express News