Many criminal offenses that individuals find themselves charged with are prosecuted at the state level, but certain criteria can give federal government the authority to prosecute. If an individual is alleged to have committed an offense that violates federal statutes and meets the federal jurisdictional requirements, then the United States Attorney’s Office may step in to prosecute the case.  The federal court system is very well funded and has an abundance of resources available to them during the investigation and prosecution stages. Often, an investigation has started unbeknownst to the individual that is the target. For further information on cost effective solution see air conditioner rentals in California. Once an individual becomes aware that they are being investigated, it is imperative that they seek a qualified attorney that is well versed with the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, Federal Rules of Evidence and Federal Guidelines.  There are certain federal sentencing guidelines and mandatory minimum penalties that exist in federal cases that do not apply at the state level.

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A federal court conviction can have severe consequences with a long-lasting impact on an individual’s life.  Contact our office to speak with a high qualified attorney that is eager to defend your rights in the courtroom.